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Book Cover Long Lost Log Diary of a Virgin sailor by Michael Chapman Pincher

The true story of a novice deckhand's journey from England to the Caribbean . The Irish skipper is off with his mistress to find a new life. This witty, well-paced rite of passage is full of freshness, sexual impulse and a clash of values. 

Michael Chapman Pincher believed the logbook of his sailing trip across the Atlantic was lost 46 years ago. But, during the pandemic, it was found in Florida and returned by a former love.

In reliving the tale he savours every moment with an immediacy that never disappoints. Like all good diaries, it is a humorous, self-deprecating confession –
a peephole into the past and an insight into a bawdy voyage of a misspent youth. 

Michael Chapman Pincher black & white photographcourtesy of Byron Newman

"On reading my journal after forty years, it felt so fresh. To write it and relive my glory days, I had to forget what's happened since. The trick worked 'til I glimpsed myself in the mirror.”

Long Lost Log - Diary of a Virgin Sailor

Photograph Byron Newman

The son of Chapman Pincher, the famous investigative journalist, Michael left school at 17 to work as a stagehand in London's West End theatre. Disenchanted, he ran away to sea. Finally settling down to married life, he worked in computing as a pathfinder in the early phases of the internet and social media.

Publisher Contact: Email: – Tel: +353 1 671 1647

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Michael Chapman Pincher black & white photograph courtesy of Byron Newman
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